Hi all! I know what your thinking. Who cares about being organized with all thats going on in the world. I get it, I really do! Who cares about the frivolous closet or kitchen when it seems like life as we know it has ended. When Covid-19 first starting popping up on the Media, I was scheduled for a project in LA, opposite side of the country from where I live. I remember walking through the airport and seeing some people with masks on! At that time, I was not buying into it. I thought everything was an overreaction honestly. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and be done right??? I had NO IDEA what we are all about to face.

Once we got back into New Jersey, it was the beginning of March and our schedule was packed through the end of the month. I started getting nervous that Covid-19 was becoming a big issue. Sure enough, my kids schools were shut down for 2 weeks ( initially ). I took all my clients and moved them to April, surely by then our country would get back to normal right? WRONG!!

So here I was, home, like the rest of you. Not working, not thriving, not helping people get organized, and NOT living my dream. At first, I was so annoyed and so depressed. I like to be busy, I like to be useful, and I like to work. Being home all day everyday was a tough pill for me to swallow. I was a stay at home mom for 9 years and just wasn’t in that head space anymore. I had goals, I had prospects, I had opportunities; all which were coming to a screeching halt.

So back to being depressed….after a few days of frustration, I started to think about what my options. How can I turn this negative into a positive? What can I do that will fill my head and fill my heart? So of-course, space by space, and room by room, I started re-organizing. Was I already extremely organized? Yes, did I have to take on all this work? No….but I like to challenge myself to make my spaces better and better. So for the next two weeks thats what I did. Its been a while since I had time to focus on my own home so the change was thrilling!

I started wondering about the rest of you. Were you taking this time to get organized? Were you taking this time for self care? I hope the answer is yes. I want you to know that Im here to help. I know getting organized with everything thats happening around us is the last thing on your minds. My worry is that with all of us home, the clutter will be even more substantial, and getting out of it will be even harder.

So here is my advice on the best way to handle it. Pick one space per day, doesn’t have to be big or very time consuming. Declutter that space to the best of your ability. Don’t be scare to part with things. Learn to let things go! Once you’ve decluttered, create zones of whats left over and separate accordingly! Check out my IG for all Inso involving product placement.

Remember that being organized is much more then the organization of a physical space. Being organized is mentally healing. It brings a level of clarity and calm into an otherwise chaotic situation. With all thats going on, your home should be your sanctuary. Think of the peacefulness you would feel if your mind and your home was clutter free!! I can’t emphasize enough, the effects that being organized has on your general mood and mindset. If anything, its something positive to do while we are all stuck at home!

If all else fails, you can always contact us and Get Neat with The Project Neat!!