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WHAT WE DO – Lets break it down

CLEAN SLATE First things first, my team will remove all contents from the space we are organizing in order to start our project with a fully clean slate. This is important because having a clean slate gives us the ability to really understand the space in terms of scope and size. It also gives us the ability to do a full inventory of the products within the space.

SORT & CATEGORIZE Secondly, as part of the clean slate process, we simultaneously sort the times into categories. It’s much easier to do it while we are removing the contents from the space. This helps us see exactly how many categories we have, and gives us a rough idea on the organizational systems we will soon need to create.

PURGE Third, we purge. Once all the inventory is laid out we begin the purging process. This part is hard for some clients and we fully get that. So the there are 3 main question you want to ask yourself. First, do I absolutely NEED this item? Second, do I USE this item? Third, do I LOVE this item? If it doesn’t fall into these categories, chances are your just scared to part ways out of habit. As soon you free up your space, you will immediately feel lighter, I PROMISE.

SPACE PLAN Fourth, we evaluate the empty space and start to come up with a plan for organizational systems. The decision making process is first and foremost about accommodating the ins we are dealing with in any given clients home. What products and design decisions will need to happen in order to provide our clients with MAXIMUM efficiency.


AESTHETICS Fifth, in combination with step 4, we choose products that we LOVE, and products we know you will LOVE. Why? Because if you don’t enjoy the space, you will NOT maintain the space. Creating a space of maximum efficiency as well as beauty is a perfect recipe for success.

MAINTENANCE sixth, we offer maintenance packages if you should ever fall off the organizational wagon. Busy lives get the best of, and a bit of TLC is required to maintain these spaces, however easy it ay be. Should you ever need a little refresh, WE GOT YOU.


NY/NJ/PA/CT: $200/hour for a team of two organizers ($50 per hr for every additional member).

  • Free Virtual Consult prior to booking
  • Length of project is determined by scope & size of space.
  • Deposit Required to Book Service
  • Products purchased by us, reimbursed upon completion, based on clients budget and preferences.
  • Potential travel fees apply for long distance by car


Quote is based on number of days & number of team members. Includes hotel & travel expenses.

Closet Design Consulting

$500 Design Fee

What You Want– An efficient, functional, and beautifully designed space that LASTS.

What We Do– Our team will implement and consult on the design of any space from start to finish.


  • Closets
  • Pantries
  • Mudrooms
  • Offices
  • Garage
  • Utility
  1. Initial On-site Consult ( if local )
  2. Measurements of space
  3. Implementation of design

Virtual options also available

We take our projects very seriously. Alot of planning & prep happens behind the scenes in order to give you our best work. Please note, if you are cancelling your service within one week of the project date, your deposit is non-refundable.

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