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Project Neat is a professional home organization company combining form and function with our signature style. Upon completion, we will have transformed your once-cluttered and disorganized space, with one of visual appeal, efficiency and long-lasting systems. Creating a sense of calm is our mission: One space, one home, one client at a time.

“I bet you don’t think you can be this organized, but with a little help from my company the sky’s the limit.”

– Gilat Tunit, founder of The Project neat

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Organized wardrobe



How to Declutter Pantry by Gilat Tunit


How to Declutter Kitchen Counter by Gilat Tunit


decluttered closet by Gilat Tunit


how to declutter your playroom by Gilat Tunit


Multi-Space Minimalist Declutter Checklist by Gilat Tunit

I love creating spaces that fuse together efficiency & beauty. Bringing a sense of calm to my clients, thats what its all about. Nothing makes me happier.

Gilat, Founder of The Project Neat

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How to declutter your home by Gilat Tunit
How to Organize and Declutter Storage Room by Gilat Tunit

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