Decorating is a huge part of holiday traditions. There’s nothing like walking into your home and getting that festive feeling.

But decorating can be tough for those in smaller homes and apartments.

All hope seems lost in small spaces. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s possible to decorate small spaces. And I’m going to tell you how to do it efficiently.

The first thing you want to do when
decorating a small space is to plan.

Think about the decorations you have and plan how you want to display them. Draw up a blueprint. Use post-it notes.

Write the name of the decor on the note, stick it where you’re thinking of putting it, take a step back, and re-evaluate.

Play around until you’re happy. More than likely, as you put things out, you might still rearrange. But knowing as much ahead of time will save you a lot of time and stress.


If you live in a small house or apartment, chances are your kitchen doesn’t have much space for decoration.

To spread the cheer into your kitchen designate a section for decorations. It could be as big or small of a section as you want, but make sure you leave room for meal prep. Select a corner that doesn’t get much use.

If you want to save the countertop for cooking, temporary S-hooks can come in handy here. Hang seasonal pots and pans from the hooks. Don’t use these to cook — unless you want to.

No wall space available? No problem. Buy festive magnets for the fridge. Hang colorful string lights above the sink. Use holiday-themed dish towels.

Little changes are all you need to give your home a festive vibe. Especially in the kitchen where space is often lacking.

Living Room

The most popular decoration to display in the living room is the tree. But people with small spaces have a difficult time fitting a five-foot-plus tree in their home.

Here’s an idea: ditch the tree!

Yes, ditch the tree. Instead, set up a tabletop tree. You can still hang ornaments but it takes up way less space. Another fun alternative is to hang a picture of a tree on the wall. You can even paint one yourself.

If you think a tree isn’t necessary, but you still want the feeling of a green Christmas, there’s an option for that too.

Hang garland or decorative wreaths. Don’t limit them to your front door. Hang some wherever you have wall space. Take the picture of the beach landscape down and replace it with a wreath or a wintery scene. Garland and wreaths give you the green color of a Christmas tree, with less cleanup.

If you still want to display your favorite ornaments, install temporary S-hooks. S-hooks play a big role in holiday decorating. Stack ornaments in a bowl and set as a centerpiece for your coffee table or dining table.

If you don’t want to spread your decorations all over the room, pick a designated area. Maybe it’s a corner with a side table that doesn’t get much use. Maybe it’s a spot with a lonely lamp.

Try switching the table or lamp out with a chair. Add a decorative blanket, a throw pillow, and some pine cones or LED candles around the base. Make it your spot to go to if you need to get into the holiday spirit.


The bedroom is not an area you may think needs to be decorated. Any guests you have over won’t be hanging out in your bedroom. Let’s hope not anyway. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the space to increase the holiday cheer.

Something as simple as changing the bedspread is all you need to do. Buy holiday-appropriate sheets or invest in a few throw pillows.

If you don’t already, buy holiday-themed pajamas.

Your bedroom doesn’t have to lack in decor. It may not have as much as your living room might. But you can still make it feel festive by doing these little changes.

Dining Room

Dining rooms aren’t often found in small apartments. But there’s still a way to decorate if all you have is an island or small table.

Centerpieces are beautiful focal points of any room. And there are so many DIY ones you can create for the seasons. Check out these 28 Best DIY Christmas Centerpieces from House Beautiful for inspiration.

Centerpieces can be as simple as a wooden box with pine cones and candles. Make them as easy or elaborate as you want. Basically, they’re perfect to display on islands, dining room tables, and coffee tables.

Holiday-themed runners are also a great buy. You can set the centerpiece on top of it for added decor. Even if you don’t have a designated dining room, you can decorate the space where you eat.

There’s no space too small to add some festive cheer.

Other Areas

The trick with small homes and apartments is finding the right spot to decorate. You don’t want to overstuff your home and have nowhere to sit and relax. Thankfully, there are a few spots you may not have thought of.

Most windowsills are wide enough for you to show off some kind of festive setting. Accent the space with individual pieces or go for a full-on theme. Either way, outside onlookers will be impressed.

This is another perfect spot for DIY centerpieces.

Do you have a balcony?

If yes, use it! Hang string lights. Decorate with fake leaves and pine cones. Put out signs or small inflatable pieces. The balcony is another great place for garland if you’re skipping the tree this year.

Finally, ask yourself what scents come to mind when you think of fall and winter? Pine is a good one. Cinnamon too. How about vanilla or apple cider? Whatever scent puts you in the festive mood, get a candle or essential oil in that scent.

Nothing sets the tone for a holiday better than the smell of it.

Take a moment to appreciate the decorating you just did. Looks good, right? You put your own spin on things and you feel great. Let that festive feeling fill you up.

But if you’re having a hard time getting things right. If you need some extra help in certain rooms, drop us a line. The Project Neat would love to help you out in any way we can. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for quick tips and tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I efficiently decorate my small space for the holidays?

The key is planning. Before decorating, create a blueprint, use post-it notes to evaluate placements, and play around until you’re satisfied. This efficient approach minimizes stress and saves time.

How can I decorate a small living room without overwhelming it?

Instead of a large tree, try a tabletop version or hang a tree picture. Utilize garland or wreaths on walls for a festive touch. Project Neat advises focusing on a designated area for decorations.

What scents can enhance the festive atmosphere in my home during the holidays?

Pine, cinnamon, vanilla, or apple cider scents are excellent choices. Use candles or essential oils for a holiday aroma. Project Neat emphasizes the importance of the scent in creating a festive mood.

Why is planning crucial for efficient holiday decoration in small spaces?

Planning allows you to evaluate decor placements in advance, reducing stress and saving time during the actual decorating process. Project Neat stresses the efficiency of this approach.

How can Project Neat assist with holiday decoration in small spaces?

Project Neat offers personalized solutions for efficient holiday decoration. Contact them for expert assistance in making your small space festive without overwhelming it.

How can small adjustments in the bedroom contribute to a festive atmosphere?

Changing the bedspread, adding holiday-themed sheets or throw pillows, and festive pajamas can create a holiday vibe in the bedroom. Project Neat emphasizes the impact of small changes.

Can DIY centerpieces be effective for holiday decoration in small dining areas?

Absolutely! DIY centerpieces with pine cones and candles add a festive touch to small dining spaces. Project Neat recommends creative and simple solutions for holiday dining decor.

Can holiday-themed pajamas contribute to the festive feel in the bedroom?

Absolutely! Investing in holiday-themed pajamas is a simple yet effective way to bring festive cheer to the bedroom. Project Neat recommends small adjustments for a holiday atmosphere.

How can Project Neat provide additional help with holiday decoration?

Project Neat offers expert assistance in various rooms for efficient holiday decoration. Contact them for personalized solutions and check their newsletter for quick tips.

Why is finding the right spot crucial for decorating in small homes?

Finding the right spot prevents overstuffing and maintains a relaxing environment. Project Neat suggests unique spots, like windowsills, for adding festive touches without overwhelming small spaces.