Countertop Clutter

As we all know, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and by far the most active space we use. That said, it’s also probably the hardest place to see clutter-free. The countertops specifically can become a one stop drop shop for nothing and everything we deem necessary.

I’ve seen it all, from mail all over the counter, to every electronic stacked, to baby bottles scattered throughout. I get it, through the hustle and bustle of every day it’s just easy to plop things down and deal with it later. Problem is, you very rarely end up dealing with it later.

What’s the solution then? ZONES.

Follow these easy steps for a clutter-free kitchen:

First, make a list of all the items you absolutely want on your counter. I understand that a countertop is multi-use, and rightfully so. Ask yourself, what do I need easy access to in my kitchen? Once you have that list handy, review what’s currently in your kitchen. Whatever is not on your list, remove. I promise you there is a better place for it in your home it anyway, you just don’t know it yet. (That’s for another blog!)

Next you want to split the items you listed into their respective categories. For example, mail with mail, bottles with bottles, cookies with cookies, etc. However many categories you have are now your zones. Dedicate a space on your countertop for each of these zones.

Once you have that, the next step is creating a storage system. Get a bin for mail sorting, a countertop drying rack for baby bottles, canisters for your cookies, a utensil holder for your cooking utensils. So on and so forth. Here are some ways to keep kitchen counters organized.

The pic above is my own countertop and I have the following zones.

    • Tray for random items.
    • A bowl for electronics under the charging station.
    • Canister for my cookies.
    • Canisters for things I use when I cook.
    • Utensil holder for cooking time.

What’s most important will be different for everyone.  As long as you have dedicated zones for what you seem to always have out on your countertop, these items will have no choice but to remain organized.

Some suggestions to get you going:

    1. I definitely suggest a throw all tray. Keep a little box for your change there too. A little dish for assorted candies, a place for your guests to maybe put their phone down, or even keys.
    2. Utensil holder – Since most of us usually have way too many cooking tools, I suggest to use the holder for your go-to cooking utensils. No more rummaging or searching. (The rest you can keep in a dedicated kitchen drawer.)
    3. Cookie canisters. Fill them up with your family’s favorite cookies – so convenient and easy, and looks great!
    4. Mail bin. You can find these in any Home Goods type store. They come in all different styles and sizes. Throw your mail in here instead of a cluttered stack just anywhere. Its organized, easy to find and access, and clutter free!
    5.  A zone for cooking items such as flour and sugar is important too. I suggest clear glass canisters for these. Set up the zone next to your cooktop for convenience. It will save you lots of prep time when you’re about to start cooking.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks!! Now your countertop chaos can be dealt with easily. Organize, energize, thrive! Click here for a dose of inspiration and actionable steps to organize your home and mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I banish countertop clutter and create an organized kitchen space?

The solution lies in creating organized zones on your countertop. Identify essential items, categorize them, and dedicate specific spaces for each category to maintain order effortlessly.

Why do kitchen countertops often end up cluttered?

Kitchens, being the heart of homes, tend to accumulate clutter easily. Countertops become catch-alls in the chaos of daily life. Zoning helps tackle this issue and keeps the space neat.

What's the first step in decluttering my kitchen countertop?

Start by listing items you genuinely need on your countertop. Consider the multi-use nature of countertops and identify what requires easy access in your kitchen. Remove anything not on your essential list.

Can you provide examples of effective countertop zones for organization?

Absolutely! Consider having a tray for miscellaneous items, a bowl for electronics, canisters for cookies, and a utensil holder for cooking tools. Tailor zones to suit your daily kitchen activities.

Why is it crucial to have dedicated zones on the countertop?

Dedicated zones ensure items have specific places, reducing countertop chaos. It fosters a systematic approach to organization, making it easier to locate and access essentials.

Any tips for maintaining a convenient throw-all tray on the countertop?

A throw-all tray is perfect for loose items. Include a section for spare change, a dish for candies, or a spot for guests to place their phones or keys. It adds functionality and a touch of personalization.

How can an organized countertop contribute to a stress-free kitchen environment?

An organized countertop streamlines daily routines, reducing stress. With dedicated zones, everything has its place, making it easy to locate items and maintain order effortlessly.

Can you recommend a service for top-quality home organization?

Absolutely! Consider engaging The Project Neat for expert home organization services. Their expertise ensures a seamlessly organized and visually appealing living space.

How do clear glass canisters enhance countertop organization?

Clear glass canisters, especially for items like flour and sugar, create a dedicated cooking zone. They enhance visibility and save prep time by keeping essential ingredients within easy reach.

Why is a countertop drying rack essential for organization?

A drying rack for items like baby bottles ensures they have a designated space. It prevents clutter, maintains hygiene, and adds efficiency to daily kitchen tasks.

Can you suggest creative ways to use a utensil holder for organization?

Utilize a utensil holder for go-to cooking tools, reducing the time spent searching for essentials. Reserve a dedicated kitchen drawer for the rest, keeping your countertop uncluttered.

How can cookie canisters contribute to an aesthetically pleasing countertop?

Cookie canisters not only keep treats fresh but also add a decorative touch to your kitchen. They create a designated space for snacks, maintaining organization and visual appeal.

What's the importance of having a specific zone for cooking items?

A designated zone for cooking items ensures easy access to essentials like flour and sugar. Clear glass canisters in this zone enhance visibility, making cooking preparations seamless.

How often should I reassess and adjust my countertop organization?

Regular reassessment, especially after lifestyle changes or seasonal shifts, ensures your countertop organization remains effective. It allows for adjustments to meet evolving needs.

Can a well-organized countertop contribute to efficient meal preparation?

Absolutely! An organized countertop saves time by providing quick access to essential ingredients and cooking tools. It streamlines meal preparation, making the process more enjoyable.

Any tips for maintaining an organized countertop in a busy household?

Establish daily routines, involve family members in upkeep, and ensure that everyone respects the designated zones. This collaborative effort maintains organization even in a bustling environment.